Our goal is for the Betsys application to be able to cover all online and offline requirements of bookmakers. To make it easy to set odds and live bets, stream video streams and evaluate winnings in a flash. So that the client can add marketing modules as needed to draw the customer into the game or introduce a chat with the possibility of inserting tickets. To scan tickets and generate barcodes for offline betting with the help of a smartphone. And the function is constantly increasing.


We are a mobile team:

What we need to solve:


What technologies do we use:

We started working on the development of our application in 2013 and since then we have been constantly improving it. We are working on new features, but also on application refactoring.

You choose your benefits yourself:

We are educating ourselves. You will receive from us a budget of up to 19,000 crowns for conferences, books or courses and workshops. In fact, for anything you need to develop into.

We share experiences. We organize hackathons, we have a QA Chapter, Betsys Academy, we support corporate Erasmus and even Friday’s Team Fridays.

We mentor and coach. We support not only your technical skill, but also soft skills.

The team, that’s what’s going on here. We work in cross-functional and self-managed teams.

We support team spirit. We organize a lot of events, such as Beer & Terrace, company barbecues and team buildings. Simply put – you won’t be bored with us!

In a healthy body, a healthy programmer. We have a bunch of climbers, runners and gym lovers. With a multisport, you will have a few ducks cheaper.

Pocket money for the holiday. Do you want to go on a trip around the world? You will receive 15,000 crowns from us as pocket money.

“Do you speak English?” English courses twice a week in the office.

We support home office. Do you want to work from home a few days a week? No problem.

And do you have a car? We’ll pay for your parking.

Sounds like fun? Join us!

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