1. Do you enjoy developing new applications designed for multi-threading?
  2. Do you want to be responsible for the entire application from design, development, and testing to deployment in production?
  3. Do you want to participate in the creation of a system with high requirements for stability and performance?
  4. Would you like to be part of the emerging Go community?

What awaits you here?

At first, you will throw yourself into smaller tasks, especially UNIT tests, to get a feel for how we write Go here and how our applications work.

Together with other developers, you will:

What will you develop?

After thorough training, you and your colleagues will rush into the projects that we are currently solving and moving forward.

And what are these projects? 

What will you be a part of?

We have created a community within the company that we call the Go Guild. It is made up of people across teams who are at least marginally interested in Go. Here we share knowledge, best practices, joint code reviews, mistakes we’ve learned from – simply everything about Go. We are currently considering providing some of our tools/utilities as open source. Our goal is not only to create a community for Betsys, but also to build a Go community and eventually host GopherCon.

What do you need to know?

And what do we appreciate?

We have a flexible system of benefits – in the basic package you get:

And you can choose from these benefits for points:


What is the hiring of new teammates like? 

  1. A short talk with me, Recruiter and Culture creator, Adrianna.  🙂
  2. Meet your future Team Leader, Kamil, and your teammates from the team.
  3. Trial day. Meet us all in our office to see how is it like to work in Betsys.
  4. Final feedback and a job offer from your Team Leader.

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