What’s in store for you?

You will be involved in the product development of a sports betting application for our partner – STS. New features are waiting for you, we are working hard on the offer feature and if you know at least a little bit about betting, you can imagine how much work there can be. 


As far as Tech Stack is concerned, you will mainly meet the following:

What will you be developing?

What do you need to know?


We have a flexible system of benefits – in the basic package you get:

And you can choose from these benefits for points:


What is the hiring of new teammates like? 

  1. A short talk with me, Recruiter and Culture creator, Adrianna.  🙂
  2. Meet your future Team Leader, Kamil, and your teammates from the team.
  3. Trial day. Meet us all in our office to see how is it like to work at Betsys.
  4. Final feedback and a job offer from your Team Leader.


Odpovědět na inzerát

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