Are you interested in sports? Would you like to see under the hood of how to prepare rates for sports matches? Not afraid to develop software that exceeds five million visits per day? Do not want to do one-off projects that end quickly and do not like the startup’s uncertainty? If you are not attracted by corporations and you are looking for a smaller, cool team, join us!

If communication is your strength, you want to work with the team of professionals, help them achieve the results and with their development and you are interested in agile and its frameworks at the same time, you can become a member of a great Betsys team.

What will be your goal?

You will help entrusted teams to deliver high value for business on time and in the agreed quality.

What challenge can you expect?

You will take care of one or two teams to help them develop and adapt appropriate attitudes. You will make sure that the team chooses the appropriate approach to software development, that is in line with the company’s vision and strategy. In the form of active feedback, you will direct teams to choose a suitable way of working, or realization that something is holding them back when delivering value to the customer.

Your responsibility

Your role is to ensure that all team members understand the goals, scope, and domain of the product in the best possible way.

Further you will:

Your must have knowledge

Nice to have – happy to teach you:

What can we offer you?


If it sounds like a perfect opportunity for you, send us your CV at!

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